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Öztürk Rug House
"Since 1960"

    A Grandbazaar Story started by Hajji Ömer Öztürk. The firm ÖZTÜRK RUG HOUSE was founded 1960 by Hajji Ömer Öztürk.

    In the year 1978 his son took over. He transferred in 2002 again the firm to his son Murad Öztürk which is the third generation to wear this traditional rug trade company forward.

  Murad came as children often to his father's carpet business and became excited about this art, culture and hand work traditions. So for that reason he has gone into this business of life and soul!

  The company has always traded with antique carpets of high quality rather than quantity. We were and are always careful about what we buy and sell to customers and collectors.

    The search is always after rugs and kilims with minimal wear, good wool and excellent colours we can provide for realistic prices.

    In other words; we represent our rugs and kilim we provide. It makes our reputation around the world very well.

    We are represented by Persian, Turkish, Caucasian rugs and kilims including Islamic arts.

    Follows the market closely all the time like that we do is very important. In that way we can have good items available to our discerning clients.

    We are easily accessible in the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul.

    As a friend and client of us will we endeavour to assist you with the ultimate of fine art objects which can be found! By seeking to assist you in this way we will establish links for the future which will be of mutual benefit. And only by providing the best, we know that we will be allies ahead in the time.

    In our opinion and many others, we have gained considerable positive reputation nationally and internationally for our accountability and good range of exciting high quality oriental rugs and kilims.

Respectually Yours...     Ozturk Collection Web Publish team...

    Every Rug including a big toil during the weav...When we look these Rugs we see the history we see the Respect to this life...

    When you touch them You can Feel Quality coming from the Past...

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